Lost In Fantaland

Hello~ We are a team of two: Supernature Studio. We are very happy to announce our new game here. PLAY Lost In Fantaland is a retro pixel-style roguelite game that blends deckbuilding and turn-based strategies on a checkerboard.You can choose Warrior, Mage or Deceiver to explore the randomly generated world and fight on a 8×8 checkerboard. You can build your powerful deck and collect a wealth of items and secret treasures in the adventure. Go and defeat your enemies one by one! More opportunities to increase MP/AP. Right now they feel extremely limiting and too hardcore. I think increasing the ap base to around 5 but also increasing card cost for good moves would allow more flexibility in design and player choice. I’d really like if beating bosses resulted in a baseline increase of 1 MP/AP. Every time I beat a boss, I want to feel like I’m getting stronger,

Stats. Let me have more control over damage, defense, dodge/lock, AP/MP, luck, etc. I want to be able to build a character that is more than just a deck of cards Dodge/Lock. Disengaging from close combat feels too free. If I run up on an enemy as a close combat character, I want to punish them for trying to escape. I’d expect them to lose MP/AP or suffer counter attacks. Equipment. It doesn’t need to be complex here. Just a few slots for items that increase stats to allow for varied builds and more player control Baseline moves that help create character identity. I’d love each character to have a couple basic, unique, permanent moves that are available every round. This would help define that characters playstyle and act as a foundation to build card combos off.

What you see is what you get, story is a bit iffy but the gameplay is GOLD. I can totally see myself dumping a TON of hours into this game. Edit: I have now finished the game with both of the characters that are currently available, and I truly believe this game was a great investment (my estimate is I’ll play it for at least 40-ish hours, which is an insane amount of playtime for such a game), I’ll probably try to get all achievements next. This is truly a fantastic game, and personally I can’t wait for even more content. Amazing game, the type of card roguelite I’ve been wanting to play for ages – I love the humour, the style of writing, and I absolutely adore the battle system. I cannot wait to see the additional classes in the future.



  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 1.6GHZ
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Storage: 700 MB available space
  • HOW TO INSTALL GAME Lost In Fantaland

    Extract file

    First, you will need the Daemon Tool and WinRAR (or similar software) before you start installing the game.

    Remember to turn off the Firewall, Antivirus before extracting and installing, because they will block or delete cracked files during extracting/installation.

    Run file setup

    After extracting .rar files (compressed file) above, there are 3 cases:

    .ISO Files (or disk format file):

    Right-click the .iso file -> DAEMON Tools -> Mount to -> select the drive you want to mount. Click the Drive you just mounted, double-click the .exe file and go through the installation step by step.

    Installation/Setup Files:

    The name of the setup file might be different for your case, but you just need to consider the .exe file. Double click it and follow the step-by-step instructions while installing.

    No .iso files as well as setup files:

    This case is easy, you don't need to do anything, just play the game right now. Click on the .exe file to play the game!


    After you finish installing game Lost In Fantaland, enjoy a good time playing the game. Wish you a good day!