Strategy game is a game (video or tabletop) in which a player’s independent decision-making skills and in a non-pressured context are crucial in determining outcomes. Almost all strategy games require a decision tree thinking, and the ability to navigate situations.

Last Room PC

Last Room-DOGE

Are you looking for a new game in which you can happily while away more than one evening, or maybe pinch until the morning? Looking for a mixture of horror, fantasy and dark elements? Then the Last Room game is exactly what you were looking for.

UFO2 Extraterrestrials PC

UFO2 Extraterrestrials-FLT

Are strategy games with strong RPG elements your cup of tea? Did you enjoy games like Xcom: UFO Defence, the Fallout series, the Civilization series, the Heroes of Might and magic? And now you are looking for something new to satisfy your craving for turn-based fun?

The Game of Life 2 Sandy Shores PC

The Game of Life 2 Sandy Shores-CODEX

Ride the waves as a Surf Instructor, or dive beneath them as a Marine Biologist. Enjoy the resorts solo, or meet your one true love and have a beach wedding. Commit to the lifestyle and invest in a beach house or a boat! It’s a life-long escape and the choices are all yours!

Spellcaster University PC

Spellcaster University-CODEX

Develop a prestigious university of mages. Build rooms, train your students, fight orcs, slay the bureaucrats, manage your budget… a director’s life is not a quiet one.

Wildermyth PC


We call Wildermyth a myth-making tactical RPG. It empowers you to craft iconic characters who grow through deep, rewarding battles and interactive storytelling.