Hack and Slash

Hack and slash or hack and slay, abbreviated as H&S or HnS, refers to a game genre that emphasizes combat. “Hack and slash” was initially used to describe a style of play in the form of a pen and paper role-playing game, and later extended the concept to MUD, MMORPG and video games in general. In console and arcade-style video games, specific use implies a focus on fighting melee weapons instead of guns or fists. In other contexts are somewhat more general, and an archer or a barehanded martial artist can be fully involved in a hack and slash game, either hack-and-slash oriented as an individual, or a Armed melee warrior. Both variations of the term are often written in hyphen form and combined with shortened conjunctions, such as hack-and-slash, hack ‘n’ slay.

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古剑奇谭三(Gujian3) PC Free Download

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