Gungrave G.O.R.E

In Gungrave G.O.R.E, play the gun-wielding badass anti-hero of your dreams as you mow down tons of enemies in a gory ballet of bullets and experience a story of vengeance, love and loyalty, all in a beautiful third-person action shooter, combining the best that Eastern and Western game design have to offer. G.O.R.E As the titular Gunslinger of Resurrection, you become the badass anti-hero of your dreams, an ultimate killing machine, brutalising your foes without mercy. Taking cover and retreating is not an option for Grave, he only ever goes full steam ahead, preferably right through his enemies. Style on your foes with gun-tastic stylish combat Stylish third-person shooting meets close-range martial arts, creating seamlessly flowing action as you crush your enemies in a gory ballet of bullets. Utilise your unlimited ammo Cerberus pistols and your transformable EVO-coffin to unleash devastating combos in pursuit.

Let there be Vengeance Strap in for a wild ride, an epic & emotional story of vengeance, love and loyalty, with more than 12 hours of gameplay in the story mode, for Gungrave fans and newcomers alike. Enjoy the Scenery Go on an epic adventure across South-East Asia, based on real-life locations with a dark, futuristic twist. Gungrave G.O.R.E cements itself as a worthy sequel to Overdose with level and boss design made to torture, infuriate and otherwise bring your patience to its edge with combat mechanics that, while they are distinct from its predecessors, bring a satisfying and fresh take on a formula that is not replicated in any of its contemporaries à la Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, etc. It feels jank and borderline inoperable at times until you learn how to play it properly and separates itself from the common “easy to learn hard to master” style this genre tends to lean towards, you will be punished for mistakes and you will have to utilize Grave’s full moveset if you want to get through some of the games most challenging stages and once you achieve this it will be a hard to replicate level of satisfaction in any other modern gaming experience.

Storm Barrage – My initial impressions is that Storm Barrage is much weaker than Burst Fire Modes original function and almost serves no purpose, there is however two upgrades possible for this ability involving jumping and dodging, the dodging ability has niche use but can help a lot in releasing quick bursts of damage in a similar fashion to how the old dodge shooting worked in Overdose which unfortunately now feels a lot weaker in this game, as it stands right now I much prefer Overdose’s Burst Fire Mode and see this as a step down. Grapple – The main new mechanic within G.O.R.E is the grapple and the game feels very much built around this in terms of some of the movement changes to Grave, no longer being able to sprint and shoot like in the previous titles he is now much less mobile but this is remedied by one of two mechanics the grapple introduces this being the ability to hook an enemy and essentially teleport to their position covering a lot of ground faster than has ever been possible before, it helps a lot to get out of rough situations and when used effectively is one of the best new survival mechanics implemented. The other ability the grapple introduces is hooking and bringing enemies towards your position instead, picking them up and using them as a human shield which gives a brief respite from damage which allows Grave’s shield meter to recover, from this there are also 3 possible attacks you can use one available all the time and two available as upgrades, the first one is a throw that can deal damage to enemies from a distance.



  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 8
  • Processor: i7-4470k
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Geforce GTX 1060
  • Storage: 30 GB available space

    Extract file

    First, you will need the Daemon Tool and WinRAR (or similar software) before you start installing the game.

    Remember to turn off the Firewall, Antivirus before extracting and installing, because they will block or delete cracked files during extracting/installation.

    Run file setup

    After extracting .rar files (compressed file) above, there are 3 cases:

    .ISO Files (or disk format file):

    Right-click the .iso file -> DAEMON Tools -> Mount to -> select the drive you want to mount. Click the Drive you just mounted, double-click the .exe file and go through the installation step by step.

    Installation/Setup Files:

    The name of the setup file might be different for your case, but you just need to consider the .exe file. Double click it and follow the step-by-step instructions while installing.

    No .iso files as well as setup files:

    This case is easy, you don't need to do anything, just play the game right now. Click on the .exe file to play the game!


    After you finish installing game Gungrave G.O.R.E, enjoy a good time playing the game. Wish you a good day!