Games Genre: Text-Based

A text game or text-based game is an electronic game that uses a text-based user interface, that is, the user interface employs a set of encodable characters, such as ASCII, instead of bitmap or vector graphics.

.Koi-Koi VR: Love Blossoms PC

Koi-Koi VR: Love Blossoms PC

Koi-Koi VR: Love Blossoms Free Download e story is a multi-ending that depends on your choice. The setting was a year round blooming. Long-established ryokan with mysterious plum and cherry trees. The hot spring resort,Tokoharu Koi-Koi Hot Spring.The story of the hero and heroines begins in this open-air bath. You and your childhood friends, the sisters, will weave. You and your sisters who have known each other since childhood…? Become the main character and relive the story. Become the protagonist and experience the story in Adventure Mode.Improve your compatibility with the heroines through your choices in conversation! SEXY GAMES
.My Dear Diary: Twins Disaster PC

My Dear Diary: Twins Disaster PC

My Dear Diary: Twins Disaster Free Download Your girlfriends sister is visiting, who also happens to be her twin…find out what could go wrong.​ I’ve been playing for like 2 hours grinding the new version, This Version Fucking Sucks the Old Version actually had Shit, I actually enjoyed the old version. This is a hard reboot, new graphics but there’s absolute nothing here everything must have been scraped or not implemented yet. Starts with mom talking to a Nurse explaining we’ve been in a car accident, and we’ll be paralyzed. We wake in the Dream world take the offer to corrupt family from Hooded Women. Unless I’m missing something There’s fucking nothing here You can only move room to room throughout the house no city here. SEXY GAMES


Bare Witness Free Download When a young man heads off to art school after a major upheaval in his life, he has no idea that someone from his past is waiting there to potentially cause further disaster. The game resembles reality in one way , you can fuck a lot of girls but you have to choose one at last. This choice is often uncomfortable, especially in games. The overall quality of the game is good , but updates are surprisingly slow. Other games have monthly and weekly update cycles , this game has a yearly update cycle. It’s been updated three times in 1.5 year. Game is pretty damn good, the renders are amazing and the writing is phenomenal, I also like how the girls all have unique personalities which makes certain scenarios in game quite interesting. SEXY GAMES
.Innocence or Money PC

Innocence or Money PC

Innocence or Money Free Download Jennifer is the MC of the history. She is very innocent and comes from a little town called Greensdale, she has never been to the city and has no idea what will await her when she arrives and the situations she will face. But you will help her and decide what to do in most of those situations, will she be a hardworking and honest girl? or you will lead her to a dark path and find out how deep the rabbit hole goes… her future will be in your hands! The decisions you make will not only affect Jennifer but her environment, will you corrupt all those close to her?)​  Great game! SEXY GAMES
.Our Life: Beginnings & Always PC

Our Life: Beginnings & Always PC

Our Life: Beginnings & Always Free Download A nostalgic visual novel where you design your own character and grow from childhood to adulthood with the lonely boy next door. Create an experience that’s all your own in this near-fully customizable, choice-heavy story. Our Life: Beginnings & Always is a feel-good simulation, as well as a “feel-better” one, where painful emotions such as sadness, anger, stress, and worry can all be expressed, then met with reassurance, understanding, and support. It’s a wholesome experience that faces large steppingstones of life, while having a focus on familiar everyday moments. With notable amounts of customization for even tiny details, you can enjoy pleasures as simple as having a preferred type of drink and a neighbor who cares enough to remember what it is. SEXY GAMES
.Such a Sharp Pain PC

Such a Sharp Pain PC

Such a Sharp Pain Free Download Once again, you have screwed up. Why did you do it? You have everything you need! A loving wife who will do anything for you. Two beautiful daughters idolize their father. A successful business, and no financial problems. This time, your wife has had enough. Finally, she could not stand to catch you in the arms of another woman and has simply driven you out of the house. Unable to stay alone, you seek refuge at your sister’s house, whom you haven’t seen for five years. Will you be able to reconnect with your sister and niece, or will you try to reunite with your wife and daughters?​ SEXY GAMES


Destroyer Free Download is an open-world HTML game where the whole point is to dominate and destroy every hole around. The game is full of rough sex, strong language (Broken language, but I’m still learning!) and some stupid memes.​  Terrible, and that’s being really generous by obligation, because I can’t rate ir lower. Cringy, juvenile, unfunny… It’s not even worth the space it takes on the hard drive. There is really nothing positive to say about it, sorry.  STORY, start of game you are weak no money need to work so gain sex, and if you into rough sex alpha style of HTML game you goin to like this game, yes game have a lot of Grind… but I’m not into grind just do it beginning to see how it all work and find what and understand game.. than i just SAVEEDIT, sorry? nope i enjoy HTML game and this is not perfect html game but this game satisfied my need, love realPorn. SEXY GAMES

.MythBusters The Game Crazy Experiments Simulator PC

MythBusters The Game Crazy Experiments Simulator PC

MythBusters The Game Crazy Experiments Simulator Free Download is a new Engineering Simulation game coming to Steam. It is advertised as a game that lets you experience being a MythBuster. Does the game succeed in putting the player in the MythBusters‘ shoes? Or does it fall flat as a cheap cash grab? I’m going to start this preview by saying that I am not a huge MythBusters fan. I’ve seen some clips and reruns, but was never actively following the show. Even so I still found myself to be disappointed by how little this game felt like a MythBusters game. There is no voicework from MythBusters, there is no crew, there is nothing in game to discern this game as a MythBusters experience. SEXY GAMES

.The Bodyguard PC

The Bodyguard PC

The Bodyguard Free Download You are a bodyguard who is struggling to find a last contract. But an opportunity arises. Return to Italy, the country of your birth, and protect a family from the violence of the mafia.​  This VN feels like it was rushed out — like it’s an unpolished first draft. However, there is a real story here, which is the best part of what’s here. The images are dark and gritty, quite possibly intentionally, giving this an noir-ish feel. But sometime the visuals travel so far along this track that it’s difficult to see what’s being pictured. There’s some animation provided in the one scene — no choice on whether or how this happens — where the protagonist has sex. SEXY GAMES
.Life in Middle East PC

Life in Middle East PC

Life in Middle East Free Download Banu is a beautiful and proper woman who lives in the Middle East. At a young age, she fell in love and got married, but her ex-husband tragically died in a car accident soon after they had a daughter together. After two years of grieving, she remarried to a man who has always loved Banu, but she’s never completely loved him back while still grieving for her deceased husband. The demure Banu wants to finally give all her love to her husband, but will she? Or will she be mislead by wrong decisions?… You will decide for Banu.​  The characters are well designed, and the animations were decent, the cheating and taboo elements of the game were the highlights for me. SEXY GAMES